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  • Zahid Amin

    I can’t be the only one. The mapcreator is broken. If you make a position change to a road, save it, then come back later, you will find that the road is broken. It’s either disconnected from the junction, disconnected and reconnected elsewhere, is duplicated, or a little piece of road is created. I’ve tried to report this but have not been receiving responses from the WeGo support team. So maybe a MapCreator mod can get this fixed. I can’t edit the way I used to. Any position or shape change to a road, such as trying to straighten it, will cause it to do one of the things listed above. This issue has been ongoing since the summer of last year and it has not been fixed yet. Attached are some pictures of roads I’ve edited, and what they look like when I refresh or come back later.

    That’s not the worst part. I’ve seen these types of roads appear on the public map, so they’re going out with the regular map updates, and no one is noticing.

    Zahid Amin

    I have some more pictures of this happened. I literally just made edits to these roads. In one of the pictures, you see both a duplicated road and two roads that are supposed to be straight, now disconnected and reconnected somewhere else.

    Zahid Amin

    Big one here too. Has anyone else seen this? Can we get this fixed?

    Phoebe Lind

    Hello Sir,

    Your edits have now been integrated into map creator.

    Zahid Amin

    Hi, the issues that cause these roads to do this have been fixed?

    Zahid Amin

    The issue seems to have been fixed, mostly. There’s still an issue where after you save an edit and refresh, tiny road pieces will be created around the road you just edited. They can be easily deleted, but it would be better if they just didn’t appear.

    Zahid Amin

    Hello, the issues have NOT been resolved. This is still a very high priority issue for MapCreator. It needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

    Jack Harper

    Hello everyone. I am a newbie. I understand your pain. It doesn’t have to be this way.

    Samuel O’Brien

    A Map Problem or Automated Problem Report comes from the Waze system when it detects something that is happening in the real world as tracked by the Waze client apps that does not match the logic in the map data.

    Kevin Hutchison

    I too have experienced this breakup problem and have not been able to track down a cause. I have found correcting the error does fix it on the second try but it requires me to go in and check every change.

    Now with over 75,000 edits completed that is a real challenge.

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