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  • Erik Petersen

    I manage a business in 2 sites in Dolna Matka, Macedonia. Here Maps shows right location in Map creator but moves it to the wrong place on the actual map. When I try and correct it I get an arrow to the wrong place!

    I am told I cannot submit corrections here but the avenue for corrections does not allow me to actually explain the problem. How can I go forward with this?

    Erik Petersen

    The bottom pic has things where they actually should be.

    aleksandar todorov


    Could you please provide a bit more details what is the issue. As per the screenshots and description, we could not understand exactly.

    The HERE Map Creator Team

    Erik Petersen

    On the Here Map Creator I have added my businesses in their actual location. But the Here Map puts them in a different location. When I submit the corrections again it still puts them in the wrong location.

    All I can do is submit a correction without any explanation. If I cannot explain the problem how can I get it fixed?

    Here Maps seems to think Ulica 2 is only in one place so my business must be at that place and moves it to that place. The address is overriding the location and since Here has Ulica 2 as being shorter than it is, my business is being moved to where it is not.

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