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  • Gerhard M.

    Hello, I just updated my business listing and saved the changes. But when will the chages take place?
    Now I can’t see any changes

    Any advice?

    Eric Oeder

    Hello Gerhard,
    in order to check the situation at our side please provide details.

    Thanks and regards

    Gerhard M.

    Hello Eric,

    my Business “Archides Uhren GmbH” was at (and still be found at) “Neutorstrasse 17, 5020 SalzburgĀ“”.
    But we have removed one house further to “Neutorstrasse 19”. This I was changing yesterday, as well as Email, Homepage, Opening Hours, ….

    I saved my changes, but nothing changes. When I now open Archides, found at No 17, I see my changes to the housenumber 19. This is why I said – nothing changed.
    As you can see, I open up my Listing from No 17; but ut should be placed to the other green dot (no) on the left.

    Now I have another question. As you can also see is that “Archides Uhren GmbH” is listed, but in the search field it is not found. Any suggestion here.

    Thanks and regards

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