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  • Jevgenij Zuk

    Baltic Detailing is located Lizuma iela 1 k-12. But Map shows service location at Brivibas gatve 193D, despite the correct address of Lizuma iela 1 k-12 shown on Facebook. Could you please correct the location, clients are really confused.

    Ingrid Jarve

    Hi Jevgenij,

    Thank you for this information! We have moved Baltic Detailing to the mentioned address. You are also very welcome to edit such information directly in our Map Creator tool.


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    Jevgenij Zuk

    Hi, Ingrid.
    Facebook still shows Baltic Detailing location at Brivibas street.(attached is a screenshot made today-see the date and time in upper right) Could you please double check.
    I actually did change it directly, but the pin didn’t move from Brivibas street.

    Ingrid Jarve

    Hi Jevgenij,

    It will take time for the update that we have made in our database to reach all the applications that use our data. You can see the place’s location as it is in our database in the HERE Map Creator tool.


    Jevgenij Zuk

    Good day!

    Still no changes in location pin on our Facebook page

    Ingrid HERE

    Hi! Perhaps you could try also from Facebook’s side: there is an option to suggest edits to the place there and move the map marker to a different location.

    ava james

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