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  • John Manning

    Various business addresses are listed as places. For example, you may have “ABC Pty. Ltd.” listed, even though it has no retail shopfront or anything that identifies it as a place of business. From the outside – somebody’s home.

    In many cases, these are the registered addresses of a company, although no business occurs there.

    From a map users perspective, these add no value and should be removed to reduce clutter, allowing “real” destinations to stand out.

    Is there any policy regarding the approach taken here?

    John Manning

    Can someone from HERE provide some guidance or refer to some existing document please?

    Kevin Hutchison

    I too have noticed a significant number of these in my local area and clearly they are not conducting the business named from the location identified. Many events have been placed at the venue where they may run but the major event sponsor is then identified as located at that venue.
    Where this is clearly the case I have removed the place identifying that it never existed.

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