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  • Vincent Van Eyken

    The bridge (Ijzerlaanbrug) and its access roads (part of IJzerlaan and Ingenieur Menneslaan) does not exist anymore: it is demolished. It is replaced by a new bicycle+pedestrian bridge. Motorized traffic is no longer allowed.
    See (in Dutch)

    Alicja HERE

    Hi Vincent,
    Thank you for your feedback but please try to do the changes in Map Creator instead of providing a Map Feedback. Should you have any questions on ho to use Map Creator, I’m here to help you!
    Thank you, Alicja

    Vincent Van Eyken

    Thank you for your reply. Indeed, I wanted to delete those road segment in Map Creator, but it was not possible, probably because it was a “high precision” road (and (used to be) a main road). I suppose ordinary users can’t / shouldn’t be able to just remove those kind of roads?

    Map Creator Benelux

    Dear Vincent,
    Thank you for your message. If you couldn’t delete the road segment it is probably “high precision” indeed. There is a small button on the bottom right corner, which allows you to mark protected roads, so you can see it easily. Of course when the change involves these types of roads, we surely already have this information from our sources. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask and you are also welcome to join our Facebook group: Greetings, Alicja

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