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  • Daryl Roberts

    Why not?? no better way to get to pakenham than the bridge

    Kevin Hutchison

    Sorry, I must be missing the point but where is the Bango Paterson bridge in Bango Place or Paterson Drive. There was no road on the other side of Cardinia Creek when the satellite photo was taken

    Daryl Roberts

    It is a Theoretical Bridge or kind ofyou physically go to the bend on Paterson Rd and walk along to Banjo Lane you will see the remnants of an old bridge , Now I’m not sure but back in the day it would have been hard Yakka to build an Bridge that could carry at first carts then later cars but with todays earth Moving equipment it would be fairly easy to build a connecting road from one side to the other which is what stopped future growth in the area years ago ,, as you can see today with the march of housing development there is no though or fair or main route via that way to the outer besides the Monash ,, I’m suggesting it as an alternative TO THOSE COMING FROM the southern parts of the area so as not to filter all traffic on to the Monash

    Daryl Roberts

    Have a look now,, But this is just an idea ,, someone would have to survey the area properly and scale out an Bridge

    Kevin Hutchison

    I feel you are confused as to what Here Mapping is. Amongst other things, it is as accurate a record that can be achieved of the roads that exist, the surface condition and speed limit so a Vehicle GPS can guide someone from A to B.

    Adding roads that are not trafficable only causes confusion.

    You say “walk along Banjo Pl” does mean that it is not a paved road open to cars, trucks, buses etc with a 100kph speed limit, if this is not then it would be appreciated if you update it instead of adding roads you would like to see.

    If you feel strongly about opening up a road you should communicate with the local council as a developer may already have an application for approval to develop the area.

    I am not saying the request is unreasonable but this is not the forum for the purpose we only document how it is.

    Shona Chisholm

    Hi Daryl, As Kevin mentioned, HERE is mapping reality for in-car navigation and many other uses that require accurate mapping, so the bridge you’ve added will be removed by our moderators. Kevin’s suggestion of contacting your local council would be the best way to put this suggestion forward. regards, Shona

    wiliam harvey

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