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  • Debbie Holman

    Sunset Road ends at 269 house number. 333 Upper Troy Road is private road going to waters edge of Rockwood Pond. 85 Rockwood Pond Road is Cashman's private drive ending at their house…it does NOT connect to Sunset Road nor to 333 Upper troy Road.

    Jason Payne

    I don’t know what you’re saying. On the current map, Sunset road runs about N-S. At the southern end, it connects to Rhododendron Rd and on the northern end, it connects to Rockwood Pond Rd. The address points you mentioned aren’t actually on the map that I can see. Where does the road end on the N-S route? Also, where does Holman Rd fit in to this equation? Does it connect from Upper Troy Rd to Sunset?
    I’m confused because I don’t see Sunset Rd connecting to Upper Troy Rd on the map as what I interpreted as your explanation.

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