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  • Kevin Hutchison

    I am beginning to see 19 KPH speed limited sections in our area on the latest Garmin updates yet when I check in Map Creator they appear correct. Is there some default error that creates this unusual speed. Also is there a simple way to collectively change the speed on a complete road instead of having to update every segment. One section of the Bruce highway on the north Mackay upgrade has been 60kph for 6 months and likely to be for two years. It is made up of many segments and I have changed them from 100/80 twice now.

    Shona Chisholm

    Hi Kevin, I’m not sure on the 19 km/hr speed limits. We don’t seem to have these in database. Send me a specific location if you have one.

    In regards to highlighting segments, you can use hold shift key while clicking on the segments to select multiple segments, or right-click and select same name roads, to highlight all of one road and make the changes in bulk.

    With the highway, we don’t update temporary road work speed limits hence why that’s takena while, but the team are now reviewing the updated files you’ve provided so that should update to current speed in our database.

    thanks for all your feedback

    Kevin Hutchison

    Unfortunately I have not found a way to interrogate my Garmin to show the speed limit with out actually driving along the road in question and I have done very little of that lately. I did happen to go up the Peak down highway today and did not see the 19k come up but I may not have noticed.

    The 60k roadworks limit on the Bruce highway North Mackay is a multiyear project with the construction of bridges etc so I expect it will be there for some years.

    Kevin Hutchison

    I found the 19 kph related to all the custom POIs in one category and as such reconverted the csv file to gpi and in the process found 20kph is the minimum speed for alerts in custom POI files as apposed to distance so I set the conversion tp 500 metres..

    John Perry

    no road work signs will be 19 kmh the lowest is 40 kmh. for road works.. in Queensland. not unless the road was already a lower speed like warwick QLD that has streets that are 25 kmh around the cbd

    Kevin Hutchison

    Like I said it was my mistake when I created the Garmin Custom gpi POI file, nothing to do with Here, I did not change the default from speed to distance and it took 19kph. Unfortunately I copied the gpi file to 6 Garmins so i saw the problem in every vehicle I drove. All fixed now after creating a new gpi file.

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