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Juan Jose Iglesias

MAP CREATORS are unable to add Populated centers (Cities, Towns, Villages or Hamlets); unable to add Traffic Lights, Speed Bumps, Fords, Pedestrian Crosswalks, Speed limits at different times of days, Restrictive channeling, etc., among many other “Characteristics” of the road.

What is the purpose them to have local mappers? or someone from India using an Hocus-Pocus trick will know better than the local mappers, the roads of every country?.

With all due respect but OpenStreetMap (OSM) data is millions times better than Here Maps; and among all, allow the GPS and In-Dash systems to be “predictive driving tools” and not just lines on a screen, with Zero added value (including safety value) like Here Maps.

Quite disappointing for a company that used to have the best maps for GPS (Navteq), and that now is a major server for Volkswagen, Audi and BMW, plus Peugeot, Citroen, DS and Renault

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