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Juan Jose Iglesias

Hi from Bolivia, I have made more than 14 thousand editions in the last 14 days and so far NONE of them has been included in the Map I have more than 30 thousand editions in OpenStreepMap (OSM) and all of them came live in few hours using the OSMAND + app in the Android / OS environments; and the OSM data could – fresh daily – be uploaded to GARMIN GPS and to Cars in-dash systems like Volkswagen and Peugeot that originally came with Here Maps, but the quality and time delay of updating of the Here Maps is near to poor not to said pathetic.

Also Here Map Creator lack of predictive markings in the roads like Fords, Speed Bumps, Traffic Lights, etc; that are part of the “Drive Smart”and “Drive Assist” concept, in other words predictive and not reactive driving.

What are the Plans of Here for the Map Creator concept? that we only trace lines over the Satellite Pictures? without even the capacity to include a population, or a hazard in the roads?

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