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Ewan Lewis

Hi Peter,

Thanks for feedback & info.

Out of curiosity re my own GPS, a Garmin unit (all the latest software), I did some GPS travel simulations of my own re your two areas of concern, since our units use the same company’s map data, i.e. HERE. Here’s my results:

1. I have no Speed Limit indication at all along that School zone outside Bray Park High School on Lavarack Rd, either a bit before or a bit after. Testing done outside of Schoolzone time & day. I might test next week during schoolzone time as a matter for my own curiosity for my GPS. Are QLD Schoolzones 40km/hr? I assume normal speed limit is 50km/hr? I assume you tested during schoolzone time & day?

2. Re Oxford St., Joiner. I tested with my Garmin unit (between 67 & 7 Oxford st) I don’t show a Speed Limit speed for this street on my Garmin unit either. I did however test driving from 7 Oxford St to 22 North Ashton Ct & I did get a speed limit indication of 70kms on Youngs Crossing Rd, MapCreator shows 60km. I’m assuming my GPS speed is wrong? What speed do you show on your GPS? And what’s correct? I get 60km speed limit for that part of Samsonvale Rd leading to Dundee St, but also no speed limits showing from Dundee St, Devon St or North Ashton Drive.

I now recall noticing some of this for Sydney in 2015 & I enquired with Here about it in 2015. If I recall correctly in Sydney urban area if no speed limit speed is shown on GPS then default speed should be 50km/hr in residential streets. Are residential streets in Qld 50km/hr? I understand there is a considerable delay in incorporating speed limit data from MapCreator into Here’s Master Map, maybe there’s all sorts of logistical, validation & legal hoops for Here to jump through for data acceptance with speed limits(?) – I simply don’t know. Emails with pics or videos of speed limits to Shona should help speed up the process at this stage for acceptance with the master maps.

BTW How many map updates do you get with HEMA in a year? It’s 4 with Garmin for me. The process time for appearance of map edits from MapCreator edit to Garmin MapFile availability used to be about 12 months, now down to around 5-8 months I think, at least for changes to roads that don’t include speed limit changes.

I’m yet to determine after over 2 years of Garmin GPS usage if speed limit changes are happening within my Garmin GPS. Map Creator contributors have only had access to editing Speed Limits in MapCreator since late 2016 if memory serves me correctly.

I hope Shona can help you out & enlighten us further. I hope I’ve been of some assistance.