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  • Adrian Marcu

    I am using Here's maps with Igo Primo navigation software. In the area between SS64 and the street "via Corazza" the routing is giving always the wrong path ; this is because on IGO maps the street viaCorazza
    is still in connection with SS64, but the real situation in this point is dfferent: via Corazza is closes and cannot by used to arrive to SS64.
    Please take in consideration to apply correction on Here's maps designed for Igo Primo.

    Paolo Rigato

    Hi Adrian,

    I saw you already made the change in HERE Map Creator (i.e. closing via Corazza to SS64), so I just approved the edit to fast up the process (normally, every change is approved within approx 5-6 days).

    I stress again the fact that we do not update specific customer maps: we own the only map (HERE), and that is the one we fix: our customers will then adopt the update according to their strategy and updating plan.

    Thanks a lot,

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