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  • Tinus Guichelaar

    Since august 2015 I live at Laaghalerveen 9 in Hooghalen, The Netherlands.

    Every month I have at least one delivery driver that calls me to ask me where the address is, because their navigation system points them in the wrong way.

    Somehow Here Maps thinks my address is in another village. Laaghalerveen is a complicated road with two dead ends and a road in between that divides it.

    Here maps thinks there is a:
    – Laaghalerveen 9 in Hooghalen (right address, marker in the wrong place)
    – Laaghalerveen 9 in Hijken (right marker, wrong address)

    Over the years I reported this issue about 15 times through several interfaces in Here Maps. Today I hoped I could change this with Map Creator, but it turns out that it won’t let me change basic data.

    How should I continue?

    Alicja HERE

    Hi Tinus,

    Thank you for your feedback. I took care of it, so my colleague will try to fix this issue. I’ll keep you posted. Next time, please post your quesitons in country forum, as this feedback in related to particular country – in this case the Netherlands. In “General” you can ask general questions or remarks related to Map Creator. Thanks!

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