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  • Charalambos Stavrou

    Hello all.

    Recently I made a change to the road that is in front of Zorbas, in Leoforos Spyrou Kyprianou.
    The road wasn't extended until its endpoint and its exit point was at the wrong place.

    Using the aerial view/layout, I extend the road, but now it gives two warning messages:
    1. Motorists can't leave this road. Please check the attributes.
    2. Motorists can't get to the starting point of this road. Please check the attributes.

    Can someone check it let me know what I did wrong?

    Thank you

    Vas Pag

    The issue in this case was that the new part of the road was not connected in point A (see attached image) Leoforos Spyrou Kyprianou. The issue is now fixed.

    Charalambos Stavrou

    Hello Vasilis,
    However, I can still see those warning messages when I click those roads.
    I guess it takes some time for the changes to be visible.

    Thank you again!

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