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  • Guy Vandervorst

    The new (build 1997!) locks at Wintam are completely missing! Compare satelite-view to road-view.

    Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)

    when you make a post you need to provide map coordinates or page link so it can be identified what area you talking about

    Guy Vandervorst

    Sorry did forget. Locks are here: 51.11717278024872, 4.30214070034628

    Eric Oeder

    What exactly is missing there at the provided coordinates?

    Guy Vandervorst

    In the 90’s they build a new lock, which created a new island between the lock and the river Rupel. The old waterway isn’t anymore, it is now a DHL-plant (51.100655491077895, 4.318976205435489). I had to be there and couldn’t find it on the map. That’s why I discovered the missing lock.. Combine the map with the sateliteview, then you can see it.
    On that island there is a road. There is also a new road next to the new waterway.(J. Van Herbruggenstraat)
    (The new Garmin City navigator is also incorrect at that place.)

    Eric Oeder

    ok, now I see. I will create a ticket for the Core Map team who will digitize the area accordingly. Once done I´ll let you know.

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