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  • Michal Dobrzynski

    For YEARS now I have been submitting feedback for my street and it has repeatedly been ignored. It should be Portia Close, Eatons Hill and NOT Portia Clos, Eatons Hill.

    The guidelines telling me not to talk about this here when any feedback submitted via the Map Creator is ignored are not helpful and it's all the more frustrating because I live here.

    Any suggestions gratefully appreciated. What avenues apart from the map creator exist to submit corrections?

    Michal Dobrzynski

    Here are Apple Maps, Google Maps and TomTom Go screenshots of the location. Close is abbreviated to Cl, this is outlined here:

    Kevin Hutchison

    Seems the french is clos the English is Close or Cl, think it was someones abbreviation for Close to save any confusion with Ct there are several streets in that area with the Clos title. so I have changed several to alleviate confusion.

    Michal Dobrzynski

    Thank you!

    It’s a great birthday present for me.

    While Ct is the formal abbreviation for Court I also often see Crt. Clos is a bit as if someone abbreviation Place to Plac (which would mean Square in a few European languages). Just doesn’t work in English.

    It has often caused confusion for people despite how clos it is to Close (see what I did there?) They would always ask for confirmation that it’s the right address.

    I now just have to wait a year or so for the Nav maps in peoples cars to be updated 🙂

    Shona Chisholm

    Hi Michal, our official abbreviation for Close is Clos – doesn’t quite make sense in English, but we have a full list of abbreviations including all other languages around the world, so that’s the one that was decided on to avoid confusion with other terminology. Also, you can submit updates via Map Feedback option – right click on Map Creator screen (anywhere) and select Map Feedback (or customer ticket). thanks! Shona

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