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  • D. Beuken

    Two weeks ago I changed this place to "Christo Goudinkoop". It's the current business at this address. Now the place has changed back to "De Hollandse Goudinkoper" which was declared bankrupt in 2013…

    D. Beuken

    I checked “My stuff” and discovered that lots of changes I made (which are defenitely correct) are reverted. Why? Who is checking this?

    Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)

    delete it as does not exist then create new place and add that. if you change name and keep original it can cause problems like what happened.
    in future delete the incorrect one and add as new

    D. Beuken

    Unfortunately this happens a lot, also when you don’t change it into a new business. If you delete places which are permanently closed (sometimes already for 20 years) a lot of them appear again after some time.

    Eric Oeder

    this is due to the permanent imports of Places from many sources. Not all of them seem to be that reliable at the end. Please also use the Merge-functionality to merge details in between several Places that are all related to the same one in the end.

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