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    our One-year journey has started ☼ Whether you leave for unknown destinations, a business trip or decided to take a staycation, location is everywhere… The #MapMyYear edition focuses on daily life places, with challenges for you to complete until August 2020.  

    Warm-up Sprint(#1), use the Map Creator apps (iOs – Android) for easy, location-based editing.  Add the place to the map or update its details – an interactive tutorial will walk you through the different steps.  Check places, street names, house numbers, roads, traffic signs… Add those missing spots or update the existing information!  

    It is time to Get to know Mapillary  (#2): use the  Mapillary app to capture images of the streets you drive or walk. We use the footage to detect signs and to validate changes (e.g. exact location or name). Think about other spots that are related to travel, like petrol stations, parking lots, rest areas, bus stops and so on. settle down and share the location of that new boutique hotel or funky camping area.   

    We’ll be back in touch for the next challenge.   

    Until then: to all of you from the full #MapMyYear team we wish good luck!   

    Your contribution will be recognized and valued! 

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