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  • Youssef Essabih

    Whay validation takes a lot of time IN MOROCCO?

    Jan (HERE Moderator)

    Hi Youssef, could you please specify your request? Which validation takes so many time?

    Youssef Essabih

    Ihave mapped some places but till now They did not appear on the map

    Rokibujjaman Rajon

    I am Rokib Rajon from Bangladesh. I feel so disappointment to see that my edits are not included in the map which I have edited last year. As it is a voluntary work, without getting any reply or reaction from the HERE team it is hard to continue editing maps. I have edited maps in Google Maps for 5 years and OpenStreetMap for 2 years but did not feel so much embarrassed like editing maps in HERE. I have sent a mail at, but did not get any reply from the authority.
    Waiting for your reply.

    Rokib Rajon
    Meherpur, Bangladesh

    Jan (HERE Moderator)

    Hi all,

    we very much appreciate your contributions to our map. Our moderation team is reviewing all edits and if valuable we will add them to our map database. Depending on the product you use to view our maps it can take between 2 weeks up to a year to reflect the changes.

    Kind regards,

    Gregor K

    Hello there.
    I was wondering, since apparently HereWeGo team is reviewing the edits to the map and not the community, did I make a mistake and waste my time since I’ve made around 300 edits of places I know of. If someone have to go through every little road and place correction, that would probably mean those edits won’t go through as it is probably too much work. Other thing is if they are checked in bulk. Is there any way community can help to speed up process of reviewing map edits. I’ve noticed in MapCreator you can review edits of others, but probably of those which were already included in official maps. What’s actually a procees from once member of community posts an edit to when it makes into the official maps navigation uses?

    Kris Zigmant

    Is there a way for HERE to automatically have some kind of indicator that Edits of myself or others are pending?

    After spending a lot of time making extensive edits to the maps and correcting streets,, etc, making edits, when logging in again, it appears as though no edits or changes were made,. Obviously, it’s probably because the edits may be under review. HOwever, It makes it appear as though edits may not have been saved or rejected.
    Google has the same issue, however, they send the editor an email immediately after the edit letting them know of the edit submission.,

    Jan (HERE Moderator)

    Please check the status of your contributions in the left menu -> Your stuff -> Your feed.

    Bader Alkhaldi

    I was really wondering why HERE maps are so outdated in my country.. this is why.

    The community should at least help a bit when it comes to reviewing the edits.
    I’ve been editing in another competitor map service and they really don’t have any restrictions when it comes to editing, the result is highly up to date maps that literally takes almost no time to reflect changes of the roads.
    Please don’t go to the same route as Googe Maps where they ended up closing Map Maker for the same reason you guys are having right now (e.g. overwhelming amounts of edits that no team could handle)

    Hoping the best for HERE. I could edit the maps, but I refuse to wait a year (seriously!?) for a single edit to get approved.

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