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  • Manitra RAJAONA


    L’heure indiquée par mon GPS n’est plus bonne depuis la mise à jour, comment la régler ?


    Kevin Hutchison

    Most Vehicle manufacturers do not seem to care about updating maps and as they are sourced from Here mapping the issue seems to be that here is not updating. You need to take it up with Nissan.

    In answer to your, question though there is a system of updating Here maps contained in a program called Here Map Creator that you can access, so if you succeed in getting Nissan to listen, at least your changes will be included.

    Peter Sephton

    How do we get speed limits corrected? The limits shown on the map along the A629 Lane Head Road, in the areas around Birdsedge and Shepley near Huddersfield are all wrong. But there doesn’t seem to be a way to change these on the map system …and anyway I don’t know exactly where they change – it needs access to the local authority maps.

    kelley ringo

    I got this map up date 8-29-2019 for $170.50 . put in the car and there are streets that are not on there. I called the company and they told me to contact you for help. Can you help me ?My car is a 2015 buick lacross. order #40904591
    Article/Description #84524520

    nasir abbas

    Hello, How are you, I m intended to cover an agricultural area of Botswana in map. What will be the appropriate process of it .

    Your Best Regards
    John Mark
    Marketing Executive:

    Michael Saunders

    What is the best road type to use for a private road that is not open to through traffic.

    Matthias Leidner

    Wie geht das denn hier in deutscher Sprache?

    Matthias Leidner

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    Alex Filyakov

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    Vladimir Budjelan

    How long it takes till the map addings take place ??? Why updating maps , adding new roads , buildings, streets ,when they never appear in Here maps

    Karin Walsh

    I live in Leland, NC (Northwest, NC) 140 is a new road that i see when i bring up the area map on this web sight however when i received and downloaded my SYNC 3 (received 12/17/19. This was not on it. Do you know why by any chance. Also how do i know if any new roads in my area have been updated on the flash drive i received??

    Mia Parker

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    Joshua Lo

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