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  • Jan HERE

    Hi Ali,
    please use the “Report a map problem” function (right mouse menu) to provide such info. In Map Creator it is not possible to edit admin areas.

    Elton Kadriu

    Our work has just begun to make our country the most realistic and most valuable present. Thank you for the opportunity that you have given us to be part of this community…

    Elton Kadriu


    Ed Swenski

    I only have one basic question here, how can a person update and fix issues when the here map is current and has all updates in green bay wisconsin and atlanta georgia however 2018 update falls way short of having these new updates to it’s road system? frustrating when GM rep told me if it’s on here map it will be on update FAR from the truth costed me $150 to find out this was a lie.

    Safiul Bashar

    Thanks for this informative thread !!
    I have reported several time for update my region Maps coz it is still blur . No any correct boundary or other.
    Please update these and give us the importunity make it better…

    А К

    I have a VW Tiguan 2018 with Discoer Media. I would like to receive an answer to the question: how do I get from St. Petersburg (Russia) according your maps to Finland, for example in Porvoo, where my friend lives. In general, very many people travel just for the weekend from St. Petersburg to Finland. But, you have completely divided these maps. Therefore, all are forced to use not your maps, but other navigators.

    Michel Penasse

    La nouvelle autoroute A11 à Knokke est présente dans la MàJ 01/2018 de la BMW Série II Tourer mais pas dans la même MàJ de la BMW 520 D. Pourquoi ??

    Michel Penasse

    oxford laptopsrepairs

    i want to create a map for my website oxford laptops repairs but i couldn’t do this pls let me no how i create a map..

    Julie Fielding

    I have just joined the Map Creator community and have a question on map changes?
    Do we receive feedback on the changes we make once approved and ready to update in the next release?
    We use the maps for garbage collections and have found problems with the maps and would like to know the status of the map changes we make?

    Thanks Julie Fielding
    J.J. Richards & Sons Pty Ltd

    Chantal Hainaut

    Je constate une erreur GPS dans ma commune.
    Il s’agit d’une inversion entre deux rues : la rue des Frênes et la rue des Hêtres à 6120 Ham-sur-Heure/Nalinnes – Belgique.
    Afin d’éviter les erreurs, il serait bon d’effectuer une correction à ce niveau….

    អាហ៊ា ភ្នែកតូច

    im live in cambodia why my map at USA? please help me correct it. Thank You.

    Philippe Casteleyn

    I had some questions about a pub of which te building is for sale.
    But I do not like the harsh conditions of this forum..

    John Fez

    How can add new location in Here Map?

    Kevin Hutchison

    What town are you in and what GPS units are you using, I have provided many changes to the mapping in Mackay Qld area and have seen most come through so far in the updates.

    Suraj Nair

    How many days it takes for a business to be published from review

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