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  • Stephen Dadda

    Many roads and bridges have weight limits or height limits.

    I can find no way in HERE Map Creator of checking if HERE knows about the weight and / or height limits, checking if they are correct or adding or amending as necessary.

    Is there a way of doing this?

    Stephen Dadda

    Sorry, just read Virtual Hunterston’s entry from yesterday under Suggestions:

    “also, any way to add wight, width and hight limits to roads,.
    I have a full list of bridge heights from a FOI request from national rail so is accurate
    but the width and weight could be an additional feature where users can supply info”

    The Discussion Board needs to have subcategories, a word or phrase search facility, a way of totally removing inappropraite subjects (e.g. company adverts) and live or resolved discussions. The current drop down menu search options on the Discussion Board do not seem to work for me. Perhaps the Discussion Board needs its own topic?

    Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)

    Heights, Weights and Widths are probably done by Here staff only as a bit more complex to add to map data so we will probably never be allowed to add such things however have asked Claire, will wait and see how she replies to this when she gets back from holiday in a few weeks.
    But it maybe good to keep a list of all widths and weights you come across as a kml file could be made for users to send to each other so they can add to their own gps systems.
    If your feeling up for it you could make FOI requests all councils and ask them for lists of all widths and wight limits they have on their roads. Just make sure you ask for the list to be in latitude and longitude co-ordinates only.

    Stephen Dadda

    Agree that some edits should only be done by HERE staff but if the information held by HERE was visible in Creator a corrrection request with supporting information could be raised if data was wrong.
    Just looked at Fowey in Cornwall as we were on holiday near there recently using Creator (on Windows 10 laptop) and I can find no Here knowledge of Fowey to Bodinnick Car Ferry. Load the HERE route planning app on phone and car ferry is shown as a route option for travel between Fowey and Bodinnick so no report needed.
    I know a car ferry isn’t relevant to widths, heights and weights but if HERE show in Creator all information they hold its much quicker to make or suggest correct edits. Though the Bodinnick Ferry is very small and a large artic would probaly sink it so perhaps it is!

    Benjamin Leese

    Hi all,

    HERE update all new height, weight, length and width restrictions when they are supplied to us by Local Authorities and agencies such as Highways England, Network Rail, TfL and Transport Scotland.

    The websites h and are public sources of some transport access restrictions if you would like to view them.

    The Fowey-Bodinnick car ferry has a weight limit of 10 tonnes. Currently ferries and railway lines do not appear on Map Creator layer.

    Thanks, Ben

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