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  • Mahabub Munna

    Hello Here Map team
    I am Mahabub Hasan from Bangladesh . i am interested to contribution and develop my country maps . also want to create a community with interested guy . for that reason want to talk with team
    with regards

    Hasan Shahed


    I did some edits almost 3 months before. Still these edits has not been published. All edits gone under review. Here is very slow. I am not getting energy to do more edit. Only Here Management knows what is their review system. They are not giving any reply of our posts. I don’t know how we should work with them.

    Hasan Shahed

    Prabhakara Reddy

    Hi Mahabub,
    Good to see your interest and thanks for the support to build HERE maps. Please can we know, what are the support looking from our end with more details. Let us understand your approach and will have further assistance as per the country guideline.

    Prabhakara Reddy

    Hi Hasan,
    Thank you for your interest and support to build HERE maps. First, we would like apologize delay in our response. Due to high priority release in other region, your edits might be delayed from moderation! Please can you help us to get the location or edits details. Let us try to prioritize. If you have any further concern, please let us know. Once again, thank you for supporting us in making your area more accurate.

    Mahabub Munna

    Hello @Prabhakar Reddy
    Thanks a lot for your replay . last 7 year experience mapping in google map maker . we have a team so now want to volunteer work there for my country here map . need your help to approved our edit and contributions
    i want few approval
    1. One facebook or there forum / board for bangladeshi people
    2. we want a mapup meetup and that day need your team help you approve ASAP all percipient edit
    that’s it now . and me now Dhaka division Mapping . hope your team approved my all pending edit
    thanks a lot

    Hasan Shahed

    Dear Reddy,

    Thanks for your reply.

    We (Myself & Mahabub Munna) are working as Trusted Moderator at Google Maps. Our mapping accuracy is so high that Google provided street view in Bangladesh three years before. But still street view has not been started in India & Pakistan. We are working under a online community. Mapping Bangladesh is the name our community. We look after Google Maps here on behalf of Bangladesh. If gives us opportunity then we can also take care Here Map for Bangladesh. I don’t know what is your moderation process. If moderators are from outside Bangladesh then it will be difficult for them to review our edits & it will take time. Local moderator is the best option for review edits. If you need our assistance for any purpose then share your thoughts with us. We will try our best to develop Here Map in Bangladesh.

    We have so many data which can be updated at Here Map. District boundary, Upazila (sub-district) Boundary, Union boundary need to be updated accurately but before that latest satellite image is required.

    Waiting for your reply.

    Hasan Shahed
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

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