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  • Sébastien Boelpaep


    From 9 july this major Bridge will open for traffic. This is a very important connection for traffic, therefore we would like to be sure that map makers are ready for D-day (Saturday 9 july).

    It connects the "Eugène Ghijsstraat, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Belgium" street to "Drie Fonteinenstraat, Drogenbos, Belgium" both streets exist already on your maps but have no routable connection yet.

    Here is the dutch press release :

    Jens Jakobus van den Hout

    Hi Sébastien,

    Thank you for your message! It is indeed an important bridge that we want to have in our system as soon as it opens. I have opened the internal ticket EMEARLDI-18129 to check if we are already aware of the opening that is coming soon. If not, clearly it will be put in. Thank you for letting us know!

    For any other questions or remarks write on this dashboard or to

    Jens van den Hout

    Jens Jakobus van den Hout

    Good afternoon Sébastien,
    The ticket has been resolved with the following answer I got from my colleague:

    ”Bridge and geo was already present in database. Made few minor tweaks. Routing over bridge possible.”

    Thank you anyway for telling us and have a good day.
    Kind regards,
    Jens van den Hout

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