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    Just a quick post that I have added and amended a small number of trails (public footpaths) in the Stanley, County Durham area. I have done these in accordance with We Go Here rules as I have read them.

    1) I’ve added a footpath known as the “Beamish Heritage Trail” starting in Ouseborough Woods and circling around the north of Beamish Museum, which is seeing increased use and has undergone some safety improvements.

    2) One or two related trails have been added including one that heads towards Kibblesworth. There are other trails here for walking and cycling, however, I’ll leave these to people who are more certain of the area.

    3) Some minor corrections plus a missing trail have been added to the north of Causey Arch.

    4) I’ve amended a couple of trails (footpaths) near Pontop Pike, where some missing links between paths have been filled in.

    5) I’ve downgraded a couple of residential roads to trails (footpaths) in the area of Chapman’s Well Nature Reserve and heading off to the east. If anyone were to try to drive along these, they would be blocked by gates, plus even if the gates were open, would probably have to pay for their car to be recovered. The paths here double also as farm access lanes and bridalways and are not suitable for other traffic.

    6) A trail in the area of South Stanley was incorrectly shown as a residential road. I’ve downgraded this as again, this could have placed someone in trouble if they’d tried to drive along it.

    All edits have yet to be approved (obviously), so notably where I’ve indicated downgrades people are more entitled to disagree and discuss.

    Hope I’ve been of help,


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