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  • Ivo Veselic

    This particular toll station has been removed in 2019, much like all others on A2 HIghway in Slovenia. I have submitted request to correct speed limit to 130km/h to our colleagues (responsible for the map content in the region) in February already, but it has not been changed yet.
    Next time I drive there, I can take snapshots of the situation. Please check traffic data to confirm the average speed of traffic in this particular region.

    Natalia Vignjevic

    Hi Ivo,

    thank you for reporting this situation.
    You are right, there are no more toll stations in Slovenia, and the correct speed limit is 130km/h.
    I have also reported this issue to our colleagues so hopefully, we will have feedback soon 🙂
    You are more than welcome to make snapshots or even capture with Mapillary 🙂

    Thank you!

    ava james

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