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  • Jan Driesen

    This right lane (heading west, coming from the east on "borgerhout") is separated from the left lane with blocks until you reach the crossing with R10. At its end, the only allowed ways are to the (heading north, right lines) on R10, or to drive west inside the city N12 (right lane). It NOT allowed to turn left to take R10 to the south from this separated lane. This is however how the HERE routing engine is sending you if roads are merged like this. As a consequence not a single HERE-driver will take the double lanes at the left, but all are directed to the single right lane (often risking the illegal turn). I assume it will even never recommend the left lanes for any case.
    In the past I modified this single lane to merge only on the south heading lane of Noordersingel, so it can have separate turn restrictions (as in real life). They do function like that in real life to, they never mix again. Nevertheless the change seems to be reverted.

    Jens Jakobus van den Hout

    Good morning Jan,

    Thanks for reaching out! We have opened an internal ticket to have an expert look at the situation.

    Kind regards,
    Jens van den Hout

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