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    Do you have any plans to add the option of adding POI for Cattle Grids , Passing Places, Fords, Defibrillator Point, Motorway Emergency Phones, and also adding specific types of roads like Bus Guideway (Bus only Roads not Bus Lanes).
    Cattle Grids should also be allowed to be added by splitting road then named named cattle grids rather than be rejected.

    It would be good to be able to add rural bus stops as a POI and limit it to UK maps and rural only and not cities as would get over populated.

    Option to add speedcameras?

    Allowing Cul-de-Sac to be added to the name box as well as street name as have added this before but been rejected, I presume Here Staff who moderate are not from uk so dont know this term.

    Have POI for Castles.

    Have option to add new roads that are getting constructed, these can be drawn but tagged as construction so not navigatable, but on map so when open is easily converted to active.

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