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  • Norbert Rasenack

    permanent road block of STeghalde towards Tuellinger Strasse. permanent, only bikes can pass.

    Norbert Rasenack

    tried to report the card mistake, hope it worked

    Eric Oeder

    Hello Norbert,
    please use the road types “trail” (Fußweg) or “pedestrian road” (Fußgängerstraße) for this sort of edits, not changing the single road access types.
    Another question: Are the barriers removable, i.e. can emergeny vehicles pass in case of need? If so we have to add emergency gates straight ahead in the Core Map because gates are not editable in MC.
    Happy to support you further ahead

    Norbert Rasenack

    Dear Eric
    thanks a lot for your fast follow up and your support to fix this mistake – currently many cars try to enter the street and need to turn at the end , due to the mistake on several Navis.

    On your question: I would not call it a trail, as bikes and pedistrians can move. You are right, the barriers are removable, i.e. if they have the generic key, emergency vehicles and pass in case of need. i.e. those are not automated ones which lower into the street, but mechanical pillars which a lock at the bottom. Thanks if you can fix this in the core map

    thanks again and best regards Norbert

    Eric Oeder

    Hi Norbert,
    thanks for your feedback.
    Btw, did you check the routing in WeGo? Sometimes it shows that there is already a kind of barrier or restriction but not yet arrived in the maps of the the vehicle nav systems.
    I had a quick look into the Core Map. There is already coded a removable barrier (emergency gate), so no further action needed from HERE side at the moment.

    Best regards

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