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  • Paul Tan

    Gooday from Australia,

    I am a bit frustrated in Navi Extras and Map Creator not working together to record all speed limits on its maps.

    I had my car serviced yesterday at Geelong Subaru. They lent me a Subaru Forrester with a Sat Nav. I found that the speed limits in the side streets of Moolap (Essex, Hunter, Twitt, Denbeigh Street) appeared on the Sat Nav of the Subaru Forrester. But, on my Eclipse Sat Nav, the 50 km speed limit indicator did not appear as I was driving along Essex Streetm Twitt Street and Denbeigh Street.

    On a second point, the speed limit on Garden Street is 50 kms per hour. After you pass Malop Street towards Eastern Beach road along Garden Street, the speed limit along Garden Street before Eastern Beach road does not appear on the map (50 kms per hour). And, when you turn into Eastern Beach road from Garden Street the speed limit of 40 kms per hour does not appear on the Sat Nav’s map.

    I am disappointed in Map Creator and Navi Extras not working together to ensure all speed limits on all roads are not updated all the time. As customers, we pay $100.00 for an update and we expect a totally perfect product.

    Shona Chisholm

    Hi Paul,.thanks for your messgae. speed limits are different in third party products for a number of different reasons including timing of updates and more. I will find out about these particular products and get back to you with further details. Regards, Shona

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