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    several times when I have updated turn restrictions on roads in Italy the change has come back from someone (don’t know where) with
    “After revision we decided not to make changes.
    Reason: Not Spec Compliant”
    In particular I am thinking of two junctions:
    45.91042076801878,10.861708103179865 Via Sant Andrea in Arco where I had deleted a left turn from the access road into the main road; and
    45.474532504068065,10.46964048410814, again I had deleted a left turn.
    both deleted left turns were effectively unsafe U turns prohibited by signposts
    Peter W

    Paolo Rigato

    Hello Peter,

    Thanks for your feedback.
    This is a typical case indeed. I took one of the examples you reported (see screenshot): when in Map Creator you see a dashed line crossing through an intersection, it means that in our central database a feature is present, that is the Divider. This represents what at the real intersection is a painted line (Legal Divider) or any physical structure (Physical Divider) preventing left turns and U-turns. Consequently, as per our Data Specifications, we don’t add Turn Restrictions in these cases, to avoid redundancy and technical problems to some of our customers.
    The Divider feature is not editable in Map Creator, but from now on you can always rely upon the graphical evidence: when there is a dashed line, the intersection is already correctly coded as per reality.

    Thanks a lot for your contributions,
    Best regards,


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    Peter Wells

    Ah, got it!


    Peter W

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