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  • Marco Tillmann

    When navigating, this road is suggested as a route, since the speed limit is the same as the road 'Steinerne Pforte'. However, it's too narrow to fit more than one car, doesn't have a side-walk and is frequented by pedestrians. Unfortunately, there is no way to identify it as such in Map Creator.

    Eric Oeder

    Hi Marco,
    please have a look to the Access Characteristics of those links. The road type is currently defined as “Residential” and buses and trucks are not allowed to enter. SL is 5km/h. So, you can change the settings in Map Creator either for the road type (f.ex. to Pedestrian Road) or change the Vehicular Access settings.
    Let me know if you need further guidance
    Best regards

    Marco Tillmann

    Hi Eric,
    I already changed the access to NOT allow trucks or buses (technically they could barely fit, and farm vehicles do enter regularly). However, it’s a paved, but very narrow road. It is allowed to drive a vehicle there, but it doesn’t make sense to navigate vehicles down that road, instead of using ‘Steinerne Pforte’.
    What would help is a new identifier for a single-lane, but two-directional road.

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    Eric Oeder

    in this case I would go for another road type, pedestrian road.

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