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    SAHC,为"Singapore Accident Help Centre" (Malay:Persatuan Bantuan Kemalangan Di Singapura) 新加坡意外援助中心的简称。SAHC秉承着“大马人帮助大马人”的互助精神,提供所有来回新马工作的大马人面对相关问题所需要的必要协助。

    Singapore Accident Help Centre (SAHC) embodies the communal spirit of “Malaysians helping Malaysians”, and provides a wide range of support services to address the many issues that Malaysians who work in Singapore face.

    #SAHC #accident

    The Singapore Accident Help Centre embodies the love thy neighbor spirit shared by all Malaysians. The SAHC is a registered society in Johor Bahru, and is recognized by the Malaysian Government.

    We aim to provide assistance on all matters and issues that Malaysians who work in Singapore may have to face. Such assistance includes distributing road safety advisories, as well as offering financial assistance planning for medical treatment, accident investigation, psychiatric counselling, legal advice on Singapore laws and other related services.

    As long as you are a Malaysian who works in Singapore, you may apply to be a member of the SAHC, regardless of your race, state, job or salary. Should you become involved in a traffic accident or work injury, all you need to do is ring up the SAHC hotline and explain the problem you are currently facing. We will devote all our efforts to providing prompt assistance to put your mind at ease by addressing any immediate and future concerns you might have.

    Malaysians! Take matters into your own hands today.

    #SAHC #accident

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