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  • John Manning

    "Dance Classique Eisteddfod" is listed as a place on the map. This is an annual event help at the location listed. I did not think that events should be recorded as places but could not find a reference in the guidelines to confirm. Is it OK to remove?

    John Powell

    Hi John
    I have also found a huge number of this type of thing where an event organiser lists their place as an event organiser.
    The actual place of the event could be many kilometers away.
    Also, being a community event, committees members change all the time and the only way we can find out is to actually contact them (which I do not do) so just ignore it and maybe some day, someone may change it.

    p.s it is also possible to look on the Web for the current organisers of that event and decide if changes need to be made.

    Shona Chisholm

    Hi John (& John)!
    A lot of events get recorded as places form our social media feeds, but it’s OK to remove them if it’s obviously not a place. thanks!

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