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  • ntom s

    I've added A3 from TEG to Bërzhitë. The old alignment of SH3 from Mullet interchange to Bërzhitë should be removed.

    Vas Pag

    Dear user, thank you for your message. The new part of SH3 from TEG to Bërzhitë is already present in our map. In relation to the old alignment of SH3 from Mullet interchange to Bërzhitë could you please be more specific, in our maps we cannot locate any issues or new changes.

    ntom s

    Hi, Vas Pag. The new motorway is signed as A3 actually and SH3 follows its old path. When speaking of SH3 I was referring to the new road, wrongly signed as SH3. Sorry about the confusion, I shouldn’t have said ‘old alignment’.

    I was under the impression from some videos I saw, that both carriageways are open to traffic, but alas, I got a confirmation that only the southbound one is open right now and is being used temporarily for both directions of travel.

    My changes and feedback consisted of these:

    1. I added both carriageways of A3 from TEG to Bërzhitë;
    2. I deleted the current (old) alignment of this road, wrongly signed as SH3, from TEG to Mullet interchange, because I think the path is slightly off, likely because of stitching error and camera angles (seen at the bridge south of Mullet);
    3. I gave this feedback to delete the current (old) alignment of this road from Mullet IC to Bërzhitë for the above-mentioned reasons because I was unable to delete it myself.

    Other than this, the local roads that were cut-off by the motorway are non-existent now and my corrections to delete those should be included. I will edit and correctly link all those roads as soon as my current edits get included because it’s a mess to follow the feed in this system.

    Vas Pag

    Dear User, Thank you for your input. In relation to A3, SH3 in our Maps (the new name is under investigation), at the moment only one carriageway is open for both ways, when the road will be 100% functional we will include both directions separately. The geometry is under review and will be updated.

    soni soni

    In Albania the highways are signed as A1, A2, A3, etc etc. This road is signed as A3, not as SH3.
    The SH3 is the old road.

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    Vas Pag

    Dear User, Thank you for your input. The new motorway is named as A3 and the old one as SH3.,19.944989660014613,15,0,0,

    soni soni

    Hi Vas. From today this road is 100% functional, both directions are open and separately. Each direction has 3 lanes (2 public lanes and 1 for emergency)

    Vas Pag

    Dear User, Thank you for the information. We will implement the related changes.

    Evgeniy Denisov

    Please ignore this message. It’s just for test

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