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  • Gyme Atoa

    Need help correcting almost all the locations in the country of Samoa (not American Samoa). When using Facebook in Samoa almost all the GPS locations say you are in “Papapapaitai-Cook-Islands” which is NOT correct. The Cook Islands are another country over 1500 km away in the South Pacific. It’s very frustrating every time I or my friends visit our home of Samoa when all our photos on Facebook say we are in the “Cook Islands” instead of Samoa.

    Also, Samoa is an independent country formally known as Western Samoa, it is not American Samoa which is a territory of the USA.

    Gyme Atoa

    Facebook screenshot of incorrect location.

    Shona Chisholm

    Hello Gyme, Is this error still occuring? The countries are marked correct in our database, so I’m not sure at what point it’s been introduced to the Facebook map.

    milass fesenko

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