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  • Martijn W

    I would like to report the following.
    This weekend there will be work on the A12 near The Hague. As a result, the road is closed. I see that HERE shows some closures that are not correct.

    1) Towards The Hague, the road between the Prins Clausplein and Voorburg junction is open. HERE claims not. (see picture A)

    2) The A12 towards The Hague is closed at Prins Clausplein. HERE claims it is open. (see picture B)

    3) The A12 towards Zoetermeer is open after ramp 3. HERE claims that a section is still closed. This is not right. (see picture C).

    4) On Sunday morning, the section between ramp 2 and ramp 3 in the direction of Zoetermeer was released according to schedule. HERE still showed the road closed at 11:00 AM.

    5) In recent months there have been regular closures due to work on the A12 near The Hague. It strikes me that HERE always shows it wrong. Do you get the information from the road manager/government correctly?
    Here’s another handy source with information:

    Eric Oeder

    Hi Martijn,
    I have forwarded your info to the Traffic Team.

    Eric Oeder

    Hi Martijn,
    thank you very much for the detailed infos, thanks also from the Traffic Team!!
    They told me that they have double checked the information for that region and will continue to monitor the official local sources going forward.
    if more additions or changes are needed please let us know. Best way is by mail.
    Thanks a lot and best wishes

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