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  • Rudy B

    I submitted a road closure report for this road section on december 17th 2019 (give or take a day or two) I did that using the special procedure for road closures. (it is still visible when setting the option in Map Creator to show road closure reports)
    As the road closure was still not affective in HERE maps by the end of january, I then changed the attributes of an adjecent road section opposite the A10 motorway of that same road so that only bycicles and motorcycles are allowed there in an attempt to make the blockage of the bridge effective in HERE maps.
    But today, HERE we Go for the web still suggests the blocked road/bridge when asking for a route to be calculated for a car.
    Can anybody in HERE please block this bridge (for anything other than pedestrians, bycicles and motorcycles). This blockage is permanent. And will stay this way until the bridge (which has become unstable) is torn down.

    Alicja HERE

    Hi Rudy B,

    Thanks for your message. Regarding your sentence: “Can anybody in HERE please block this bridge “, you can do it yourself in Map Creator, by changing it is road attributes. Here you can find more information how to update road attributes:
    Feel free to ask questions, if you need some support. Happy to help!

    Alicja HERE

    Rudy B

    I did tried to do it myself by changing the attributes – over two months ago!
    See my original message and/or the picture below.

    Alicja HERE

    Dear Rudy B,

    I hope you are doing well! Sorry for keep you waiting but I was investigating your case. I see that the problem in the edit your provided is with the fact that it causes a validation due to the fact that you mentioned that the bridge is allowed for motorcycles: “Can anybody in HERE please block this bridge (for anything other than pedestrians, bicycles and motorcycles)”. The motorcycles part causes the validation, because the road just before the bridge and the road just after the bridge that is connected with the bridge, has different road access. It means that there is no logic seen, because how come that cars can stop before the bridge but cannot go on the bridge, but at the same time are allowed on the other side? (see pictures attached). Do you know what I mean? If you explain how it works for cars, I can ask my colleagues to code this exception in out core map, so you don’t need to correct it yourself anymore.
    Meanwhile big thanks for your contributions for #stayathome challenge! Please have a look at my Facebook post about the stats 🙂

    Take care Rudy and be safe!
    I look forward to hearing from you,
    Alicja HERE

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    Rudy B

    Hi Alicja!

    Not sure I understand 100 %
    In the first picture below I selected (highlighted) the part of the road that is closed to anything other than pedestrians, bicycles and motorcycles. (update : the images appear in reverse order, so the highlight is in the last picture, not the first ….)
    The other pictures are from my Geospace and show the blockage at the beginning of both ends (north entrance first picture and south entrance second picture) (also here reverse order …)
    Hope you have all you need now.

    I tried to look at the facebook page, but it requires and account which I do not have. So I was not able to see the stats. I also stopped entering feeds since the reboot, because I saw road geometry change from day to day in the beginning and now I am just waiting for my stats to be up te date (which should be soon now I expect )before continuing feeds.


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    Alicja HERE

    Dear Rudy B.,

    Thank you for your message. My apologies for the late reply. I think I understand what you mean. I reported this issue to my colleagues, so I hope it will be solved soon.
    As for your contributions, thank you! I will announce next week the winners. Meanwhile, please have a look at statistics from few days ago,b y reading the blog post ( it’s not on Facebook):

    As for statistics not being up to date, due to reboot of Map Creator to 2..0 version, it is indeed not working as it is supposed to. However, all statistics should be visible soon, including all your contributions. So nothing should be lost 🙂

    Thank you Rudy B. and wishing you a great weekend in advance,

    Aliccja HERE

    Alicja HERE

    Hi Rudy B.,
    I have just received an answer from my colleague that the road closure has been fixed. See photo attached.

    Alicja HERE

    Rudy B

    Hi Alicja,
    That’s good news!
    I have since your reply of april 17, read the blog ‘behind the map’, and I think I now understand what you meant when you wrote ’causes a validation’ which at the time I did not understand.
    It would be nice though, if we got notified in one way or another when we make a feed that causes a validation. So that we can respond/interact about the issue. This would surely lead to the map data being set right much faster. Which would be to the advantage of us all.
    I Guess I am making a plea here for some more two way communication in Map Creator 😉
    But maybe that’s already coming in Map Creator 2.0?

    Thanks for you help Alicja !

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