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  • AJ Boulding

    For the past 2 years I have updated all the roads, buildings, house numbers for a new build estate in Reading, UK. All have been accepted and updated with the exception of the road access edits. All roads in the area are no HGV access, due to road side packing throughout the estate and speed restriction measures including tight turns, bends in roads etc. Highways has placed no HGV signs at the two entrances to the site, and width restrictions in the two exit roads. I have updated the road access in map creator at least 5 times per road over te past 2 years, but every few months, a Here Professional will either edit the road access back or it will just not get approved and automatically be reverted. I have provided images of the no HGV highways signage as feedback (but can not upload it to each road section indevidually). What is the best way to get this resulved for good? as each time a HGV gets sat nav routed through the residential area to get to the businesses on either side, they get stuck or damage cars, bollards, landscapping.
    Roads are: Longships Way, Rushley Way, Fair Isle Way, Woolhampton Way, Puffin Way, Drake Way, Lindisfarne Way, Padworth Avenue, Bedwyn Mews, Greenham Avenue, Havergate Way, Gweal Avenue, Whale Avenue, St Agnes Way, Midgham Way – all in Reading: RG2 Postcodes

    Adam Boulding


    Ben (HERE Moderator)

    Hi Adam

    Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the confusion, the edits you have provided are in essence correct but we actually represent these differently in our core database (comapred to Map Creator) which goes to our sat nav customers. The HGV restrictions are represented as a condition which prevents the routing of trucks through the estate, however this condition is not viewable or editable in Map Creator. Please be assured that if truck drivers are correctly using their sat navs they shouldn’t be directed through the estate.

    Thanks, Ben

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