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  • Knut Støre

    I have noticed several inaccuracies in the map data in my local area in particular. My car uses Here maps, and these inaccuracies are annoying when I want the car to drive as autonomously as possible. Now that I know about Map creator and have access to make changes myself, that’s very good, and I’m hoping these changes will end up in my car with the next update. A lot of the inaccuracies are with speed limits, I’ve changed a lot of those, and the changes appear to have been accepted. But other types of inaccuracies I have not been able to change. These are typically places where my car brakes because it thinks I have to yield in an intersection when in fact I’m driving on the road which has the priority. I have even noticed this when there is no intersection at all, but apparently the car thinks there is. Is there any way to fix these problems? I have found no way to change things like these in the Map creator interface.

    Bjarne Mjelde

    I’ve done some 400 speed limit changes myself in my local area a few months ago (Berlevåg, Tana, Vadsø), unsure if they’ve been picked up. Some of the roads especially fv. 890 were a real mess wrt speed limits.
    At certain places the car brakes and gives a warning that there’s a sharp curve ahead – which is perfectly negotiable in the set speed limit. There must be something more/else than HERE in play here, or there is a layer we don’t have access to. (VW ID.3)

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