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  • Ronald Quinn

    Hello, we just bought our second upgrade to our GPS and were very disappointed to learn that a problem has not been corrected. We live in a gated community in Poinciana, ,Florida at the cross roads of Cypress Parkway and Marigold Roads. We have 3 gates on Cypress Parkway and one on Marigold Road. We should be advised we are “Caution entering a restricted road before we go in the gate. Instead the voice waits until we hit the first roundabout near our home and then goes off twice in a row. She does this at about every traffic circle in Solivita and it is very annoying, We had people in the car the other day and they said what is that voice and what is is saying about restricted area!

    Aleksey Rozenbaum

    Is it possible for you to provide GPS co-ordinates? I do not want to look all over Florida for a cross street. I would be happy to look into where the restriction starts for your subdivision. Be aware that some GPS manufacturers do warn about restrictions and a gated community is a restricted area. There should be a option in the settings to turn it off if it is annoying.

    Jason Payne

    If an area is gated, then the roads within are restricted (local traffic only). This issue you’re having sounds like an issue with the GPSr and not HERE maps.

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