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    This road actually is called Prince's Road (the apostrophe is often left out because the local road authority doesn't use such a character on street signs and has thus spelt "Princes Road" on the actual sign) but is commonly mistaken to be Princess Road as most tend to think that the local road authority has done a typo when printing the street sign.
    In Fiji, there is a King's Road which was dedicated to King George VI of England, this was the main highway and King George was the monarch at the time, then a new highway was developed and thus it was named Queen's Road being dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II as she had taken over the monarchy by the time this new highway was constructed.
    This Prince's Road is actually dedicated to Prince Charles, he was born shortly before this road was constructed, linking the Queen's Road and King's Road together. There was never any road in Fiji which was dedicated to any other member of Britain's royal family.
    I have corrected this misunderstanding a few times but it keeps getting changed back to Princess Road which is VERY incorrect.

    Madeleine Sheppard

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