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  • Gregg Helps

    With the current map layout, driving south on Reservoir Rd and turning right onto North East Rd looks like you have to veer Left before you can make the turn. This does not represent the actual road in any way, and some navigators that use this data (eg: some Garmin models) will actually tell the driver to "turn left at North East Road". This is confusing when the driver actually wants to turn right 🙂
    I've tried to correct this twice but unfortunately my edits are rejected, which is fine if there is a reason or if I'm making poor edits – would appreciate an expert to review if possible-
    Thanks 🙂

    John Manning

    From a non-expert, it looks like a problem could be the “fork” in Reservoir Rd as it crosses North East Rd.
    My guess is that splitting the lanes of Reservoir Rd north of the intersection (reflecting the actual dual carriageway) would help. Was this one of your proposed edits?

    Gregg Helps

    Thanks John,
    Actually my proposed edits had the split on the southern side of North East Rd but it would achieve a similar outcome I think.

    Shona Chisholm

    Hi Gregg, Thanks for notifying us of this. I’ll pass it on to the map team to see what improvements can be made to this intersection. Thanks! Shona

    Shona Chisholm

    Hi Gregg, Our team has taken a look at this area and fixed a few issues, which should improve routing instructions in your GPS once updated. Thanks for your comments.

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