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  • Uğurcan Uğur

    Telling about Turkey maps… I don’t know about İstanbul and other cities, but if I speak about Antalya, Isparta, Burdur… Mostly western Mediterranean region, POIs are a mess. I mean there are shops, hotels, restaurants etc. which had permanently shut down years ago. And together with the new facilities and updated POIs, it looks like a mess in Map Creator. There are tons of POIs in a 5sq meter in Antalya, with wrong destinations and names. I accept that the road updates(I also have edited tons of wrong roads) and live traffic is really accurate but even if I try to edit those POIs in my local area, still there are millions of inaccurate POIs around the city. Please update Mediterranean region POIs otherwise it’s impossible to use Here Maps. In the screenshots for example… It’s around my town and there are shops that I’ve never ever heard of and it looks like there are 2, 3 or 4 stores and groceries in just one apartment in a residential area, which is impossible and most of them I can assure you that’s completely wrong. Please help me to make Here maps usable in this region. Thank you for reading and considerations.

    Ferah Pırlanta Köksal

    Hello, thanks for the comment. You can delete the places that do not exist anymore. We will also take a look into this with HERE Community Turkey. I will send you an email about the details and please let me know if you have any questions.

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