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  • Mladen Savić

    Again and again we have the situation that the bug fixes on the maps do not approve, and the situation is permanently returned to the wrong.
    At least five times I have labeled this street as one-way.

    So dear editors, I do not know when you last passed this way, so you think this is a two-way street?
    I've even made a mappilary record, but it's too hard for you to check it out, right?

    Mladen Savić

    Dear editors, in the upper right corner there is a strange blue traffic sign. Do you know its meaning?

    Natalia Vignjevic

    Hi Mladen,

    I just checked now, the edit has been approved and the road is now in one way.
    Thank you for the Mapillary track!

    Best regards 🙂

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