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  • Michael Seymour

    Beech Street is a one-way street, whose vehicle access is forbidden at the Maple Street end.

    Kevin Hutchison

    The satellite image shows arrows on the road from the Palm St end to Maple street, if you are asking it be reversed, then why don’t you change it.

    Simply click on your image, go to Map Creator – road attributes and click on direction then change from B to A to A to B.

    See the “PLEASE NOTE:” above your reply.
    PLEASE NOTE: The discussion forum is NOT a place to submit map feedback. Please go to Map Creator to add your edit or submit feedback. Feedbacks, such as a road or place edit, that is added in the Discussion forum will NOT be worked or resolved.

    Michael Seymour

    Thanks Kevin.
    I didn’t how to change it.
    I finally stumbled across Map Creator (I didn’t know where it was!).
    I am (finally) responsible for inserting the correct directional arrow.
    I will be more fluent, next time…
    Thanks for your help.


    Kevin Hutchison

    No problem whilst you are looking at it you may like to move the Westpac Bank to it’s rightful location, somewhere in Main st if it is still there.

    Michael Seymour

    Will do (I will go for a drive up there, on Monday).

    Michael Seymour

    The Millaa Millaa post office said that there are no banks in Millaa Millaa, but they (the post office) routinely process “Over the Counter” Deposits/Withdrawals with Westpac cards.
    This is the post office’s address:

    Post Office
    21 Main St
    Millaa Millaa Qld 4886

    The staff also said that the nearest Westpac branch is:

    36 Main St
    Atherton QLD 4883


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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 2 months ago by Michael Seymour.
    Kevin Hutchison

    Mic, thanks for the input the mapping detail updates relies on input from members of the public as there is millions of changes to keep up with and Regional areas are generally short of input.
    I moved the Westpac icon to 21 Main st and removed the auto teller. The Atherton Westpac was already in the right place.
    Becoming a regular updater is sort of addictive so keep up the good work.

    Michael Seymour

    Thanks for your positive feedback.

    I have to confess that I am clueless when it comes to moving/adding/removing icons, etc., so I wasn’t sure if my response would be helpful to you.

    I agree with what you say about corrective action being addictive, as I had made several corrections when I had my Alpine navigation unit.

    My correction that started this thread was in response to an error displayed on my inbuilt Kia navigation unit (this year’s Kia Sportage (3 weeks old)).

    Will my corrections made on HERE Map Creator be reflected on my Kia Device?

    I really don’t know whose maps Kia is using, do you?

    Glad I was helpful.


    Kevin Hutchison

    Mick, updating place and house number ICONs is simpler than roads, just zoom in click on and move.

    “Here” supplies most of the Automotive GPS mapping data to the GPS manufacturers who in turn provide updating services. Originally this was expected to be a revenue stream to the GPS and Vehicle manufacturers but the GPS manufacturers started a free update war and took the incentive out of supplying updates. Few GPS units are “on line” so can not initiate there own update, it is up to the user to down load the update.

    As far as them appearing on your “off line GPS” this requires the update to be downloaded from
    “Official Kia – Navigation Update Website”. › AU

    I can not identify how often they update there source so it may take some time for you to see your changes.

    I have a 2018 Toyota that came with a 2016 Here map and have not been able to get an update out of Toyota, so I switched it off and installed a Garmin that I update multiple times a year.

    Alternatively the application “Here we go” gets updated regularly, you would see your updates there.

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    Michael Seymour

    Your Toyota experience reminds me of this

    My Kia is on its second map (I’ve had for 1 month).


    hela inamcelmury

    Now it’s so easy to see where everything is, on Google maps, and even in wide resolution, by satellite photo. In the past we used to go and check city maps to see where anything was located, in our own city it was like being in a foreign country, I did not know the exact location, and I wandered around, looking for the street or the house I needed.

    Kevin Hutchison

    You obviously did not realise you are not posting on a Google website this is the far better less well known Here Technology website that supplies most automotive GPS navigation systems and yes it is great to access accurate maping data.

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