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  • Robert Sałata

    Tu powstało nowe rondo na skrzyżowaniu dróg 205 i 203

    Magdalena Bieniasz

    dziękujemy za informację. Dodamy rondo do nasyzch map

    Mihael Trankovski

    We FIX IT this rondo (all), thank you,

    Mihael Trankovski

    Where is lost rondo, i spend 2 hour to add a all, now is gone. Where is problem – HERE ?

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    Magdalena Bieniasz

    hello Mihael,
    Your last updates at this roundabout has just been implemented, it will soon be visible in Map Creator. Our validation process does not always allow to simply ingest changes given by users. We often need to intervene with our adjustment to make all the changes integrated.
    Thank you for your feedback.

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