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  • Stefan Frank

    Hi at all,
    in the past I was able to add charging stations for el. vehicles.
    Since a couple of weeks I can’t see the charging stations in the map and also can not add some new.
    Can you help?
    Thanks and best regards Stefan

    Stefan Frank

    I am using
    And till 2 mounth a was able to edit the charging stations via “Add place”, but not now.
    Also in the map there were charging stations to edit. But now there are no charging stations visible in the map of mapcreator.
    Best regards

    Stefan Frank

    Hello everyone,
    I’m sorry, but I can’t do anything with your posts.
    I use the map-creator ( in the browser and I have already cleared the cache several times. I can’t add charging stations. I am a user of the creator, not a user of the map itself.
    Until recently I was able to add new charging stations in creator. Is this no longer possible or has the option been moved to another location? Thanks very much.

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