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  • Claire Robinson – HERE UK and Ireland

    In Map Creator we now have the possibility to merge potential duplicate Points of Interests (POI)/Places into one.

    The background for this new functionality is that HERE uses several sources for POIs which might provide different names (and sometimes even different POI categories) for the same location. To merge, the POIs need to have a similar name and that the Map Creator User knows that it´s only one location in reality, not different ones.

    After clicking the “merge” button the system offers a list of nearby POIs to merge with or you can select one in the map manually.
    Example would be to merge two Coffee Shop POIs, both with almost the same name in Map Creator. The HERE team can then process these merges from your feedback to result in a better map and mapping experience with places.

    Merge Places Functionality

    Andrew Gransden

    Does the Merge function apply only to POIs that appear at one location (listed in collective list as shown) or also allow several similar/identical places to be selected and then merged?

    Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)

    The whole POI thing is a mess and all should be removed and started from scratch, I am finding POI’s located over 50 miles away from where they should be and some that are so out of date the place has been closed a long time, demolished and redeveloped
    am even finding some that say “My House”, so goodness knows where the data is coming from
    Can you also make the default for POI as off rather than populate map straight away, it would be easier to manually switch on POI just like you do with house numbers.

    Andrew Gransden

    I totally agree with Virtual. The POIs are a total mess and I too am finding places which have no connection with the location given.

    James Windsor

    It’s obvious from the titles of POIs that the data is being scraped from some sort of social check-in service, which isn’t ideal for the integrity of the dataset.

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